World premiere: The conveyor belt with motorised handrail

The motorised handrail opens up entirely new options in person transport for the conveyor belt.

After twenty years of continuous further development, the Austrian global market leader has been able to achieve the next great evolutionary step. The Sunkid conveyor belt is the first one worldwide with an integrated speed-controlled handrail for the outdoor area.
Where skiers always used to experience a loss of comfort during the ride as the person conveyor belt's pitch increased, the conveyor belt with integrated handrail now offers best comfort for the users.
Sunkid also improves the conveyor belt's comfort, e.g., with the newly developed belt surface or its cover strips, which can be customised in refined looks.

No matter if people are standing on skis, walking or taking along toboggans, tubes or other sport equipment – the diversity of transport options makes the conveyor belt unique and increases its value even more with the handrail.
The integrated handrail now not only expands the possible applications for the conveyor belt in skiing areas, but also permits many other uses away from the slopes (e.g. transport from the parking place, etc.)

The conveyor belt with the motorised handrail will be launched in Wanda Harbin (China), where the largest skiing hall in the world is due to be opened in August 2017.
Sunkid will install two 150 metres long conveyor belts there with a maximum pitch of 27.5%.

Overview of the benefits of the Sunkid conveyor belt with integrated handrail:

  • The motorised handrail offers a real help "ready at hand" and
    • noticeably improves comfort
    • improves the (feeling of) safety for the users
    • is used where a moving walkway/escalator cannot be used for technical reasons (outdoors)

The conveyor belt with handrail opens up entirely new areas of use
à Transport of pedestrians is at the focus.


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