The ball is rolling…

The wood-ball tower premiered at Interalpin 2017, where not only the children were enthusiastic about it.

After the wood-ball track, Sunkid presents the next development level of this unique playing experience. 30 running metres (!) of wood-ball track have been installed on a footprint of 8 m² and with a height of more than 3 meters. The ball can be rolled down different courses while the player watches it overcome different obstacles on its way.
The compact build makes the wood-ball tower suitable not only as an outdoor toy but also for indoor use. 

Wood-ball tower facts:

  • 30 running metres of ball track,
  • Tower footprint, diameter 3.2 m, 7 m with attachments,
  • Space required with free space, diameter 10 m or 80 m² area.
  • Tower height 3.4 m total height approx. 4.5 m with lifts.
  • Impact protection with matching material required; drop height 2.4 m


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