SOLUX as the starting house in winter & summer (AUT & AND)

The starting house Solux serves as a modern, visually attractive starting area for any sport in which individual starts should be properly presented and professionally conducted.

Solux proves its diversity here in its function as starting house. In this form, it has already proven its worth in the MTB world championship in Andorra.
In another project, the conveyor belt roofing designed by Sunkid was adapted into a starting house for permanent race tracks.

One of the challenges for the technicians in this project was in knowing that their electrical engineering equipment was perfectly protected within the starting house and to be able to guarantee for daily function.
The additional elements in the outdoor area are designed precisely fitting of full foam and applied with printed and UV-resilient tarpaulin fabric. Sunkid takes care of production and final manufacture.
Fact Box:

  • The Solux  starting house
    Width (incl. padding at entry): 400 cm, length: 445 cm, height: 285 cm
    Aluminium arcs with attached brackets and 5 mm polycarbonate panes
    Inner and outer covers of galvanised sheet metal
    Customised design
    Bilaterally printable foam arches on the exit side
    Printable side tarpaulin with a curved shape
    Mounting on customer's base or concrete foundation


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