300-meter ( 984 ft) conveyor belt in the Pipeline Park

One of the longest and fastest conveyor belts in North America returns freeriders to the start of the Freeride Park -  all year-round.

The Pipeline Park is Woodward's largest summer park, located precisely where the Terrain Park in Copper Mountain can be found in winter.  Depending on snow situation, the park typically offers different lines, a quarter pipe and many other obstacles.
A 300-meter (984 ft) conveyor belt with a speed of up to 1.2 m/s (3,9 ft/s) takes freeriders uphill year-round. 

  • Installation site: Copper Mountain/Woodward (USA)
  • Purpose of the conveyor belt: Training Park
  • Length: 300  meters (984 ft)
  • Surface: Ruff-Top
  • Speed up to 1.2 m/s (3,9 ft/s)
  • Drive: 45 KW motor
  • Belt width: 600 mm 


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