Conveyor belt – beginners' slopes – Snowbird (USA)

In Snowbird, where Sunkid built a conveyor belt through the mountain in 2007 already, another conveyor belt for beginners has now been installed as well.

Facts conveyor belt Snowbird USA

  • Installation site: Snowbird Resort  
  • Purpose of the conveyor belt: Beginners' slopes
  • Length: 146 metres
  • Surface: Blue Eye
  • Speed: up to 0.7 ms
  • Pitch: 17 %
  • Drive: 22 KW motor
  • Belt width: 600 mm
  • Capacity: 1600 persons per hour
  • Evolus gallery M
  • Alu swivel doors at entrance and exit
  • Jumbo drive station
  • Jumbo deflection


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