Sundancer -Tollipark (GER)

Operator Roland Mertes is completely convinced of his investment after nearly one year in use in the Tollipark

It has been nearly precisely one year since the Sunkid Sundancer was launched under the name "Tornado" in the Tollipark and it is time to draw a first balance.
"The Sundancer exceeds all expectations!" Operator Roland Mertes is enthusiastic about the feedback from his guests in the last few months. Not only the children, but also their parents visibly enjoy their rides. Children may determine the speed, while their mothers control the rotating direction. There's no better way to use time together!
"I admit that I was a bit nervous, being the first customer for the Sundancer. Sunkid was and remains a reliable partner, though, and supports me very well even after handover of the device. The guests love the Sundancer anyway!" Roland Mertes finally explains.


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