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SpeedSnake FREE Coaster – A new train on an old track

A new era has recently commenced in the entertainment and adventure park FORT FUN (GER). A Sunkid Coaster Train 1200 will run on the 35-year-old rail track of a Whirlwind by Vekoma.

Belly instead of shoulder

The switch from shoulder restraints to lap bars is probably the first thing that stands out when looking at the Sunkid SCT1200 train. The change not only makes the train visually "lighter" but also gives passengers an entirely new, free feeling during the ride. "This unique selling point was one of the main reasons we chose the Sunkid Heege train," explains FORT FUN GF Andreas Sievering. The uncovered design of the lap bars also permits faster (visual) inspections of the safety-relevant parts without disassembly work or loss of comfort for the passengers.


Operator-friendly in operation and maintenance


The lap bars are latched individually and mechanically. After every ride, all seats are unlatched through an actively supplied air pressure of at least 6 bar.

"This system is, of course, a very important criterion for us as the operator regarding failure safety and maintenance costs," Sievering adds. Even through the rail route is already 35 years old, the passengers now experience an entirely new feel while riding the Sunkid train certified to the standard EN13814.


The Sunkid train SCT1200 is EN13814 certified.


The passengers particularly value the uniquely soft ride, made possible by the individually suspended wheel carriers. The passengers are happy that random jerks are now a thing of the past. The operator loves that this newly developed technology considerably reduces wear of the wheels.


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Overview of the Sunkid Coaster Train 1200 …


  • The EN13814-certified Sunkid Heege train SCT1200 is suitable for wider tracks with a track width of 1200 mm as well.
  • Minimum passenger size 120 cm

…lap bars instead of shoulder restraints:

  • For an incredibly free feel during the ride.
  • A mechanical lock without padding of the brackets permits a faster safety check and requires less maintenance.
  • Pneumatic unlatching: "No air = no open brackets"
  • No electrical or electronic systems susceptible to faults


  • Thought-through, operator-friendly concept
  • Easily accessible components in connection with a "tidy" look

…Wheel carriers:

  • The wheel carriers adjust to the rail track (horizontally & vertically). ->
    The train moves incredibly softly.
  • The new wheel suspension technology reduces wear considerably.

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