Family Rides – Luna Loop – Märchenpark/Isartal (GER)

Second spring through all-round renovation

After a complete all-round renovation, the Luna Loop in the Märchenwald/Isartal is experiencing its second spring. When operating family Diessl approached Sunkid with its wish for restoration and redesign, the Luna Loop had been in operation uninterrupted for more than 20 years already. Replacing the Luna Loop with a new ride wasn't an option for the Diessl family.
"We wanted to preserve this attraction, since we value its great reliability," Mrs Diessl says. "The visitors also still love it. Many parents who visit the park with their children now already turned their rounds on the Luna Loop as test astronauts when they were younger."  
The traces of use produced in many thousand rides were examined in an on-site meeting, and the parties discussed further procedures for the all-round renovation together.  They also decided to give the astronaut tester a themed design in future.
"We are really happy that we will continue to have the Luna Loop in our park for our visitors. It's never been prettier than it is now with its new design!" Operating family Diessl sees its decision confirmed. 

Have you also had a Luna Loop or any other Sunkid Heege attraction in operation for many years? Would you like to preserve it for your visitors for many years more!? Contact us.
Anything is possible, from purely visual measures to great service to a complete all-round renewal. We will gladly advise you regarding the many options.


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