Sunny Stuff: Differentiation by Emotion

Customisation produces a unique point of reference in the skiing area.

Lack of differentiation in skiing areas and skiing schools poses a risk of having a corresponding offer range that will, in the worst case, lead to guests choosing their skiing holidays or skiing schools only based on price anymore. Skiing areas and skiing schools that bind their visitors emotionally show that it doesn't have to be this way. They start with the youngest ones already.

Starting at the parking place, every skiing area and skiing school can reach out to the children to raise sustainable enthusiasm for the experience of snow and skiing.

Nothing is more logical than reaching out to children in an area in which many of them are very passionate – by telling stories. No matter if at the computer at home, on the Smartphone…or in the skiing area. The children's skiing area usually plays a central role in presentation here. A well-packed story with target-ground-specifically acting characters, supported by the matching design of the environment ("setting") will, in the best case, not only tantalise children, but also trigger sustained positive feelings and emotions that will last for weeks or months after the end of the holiday.

The importance of individual and unique designs for children's skiing areas is also clear when looking at social media. There is barely any other place in the skiing area from which more photographs are sent out.

Ideally, the setup goes beyond the children's skiing area to include the entire skiing area in the concept.

The Sunny Stuff product range offers innumerable options around the subjects of designing skiing slopes and children's skiing areas, tools and accessories for skiing schools and mountain railways.

Design your customised skiing area, children's skiing area, excursion designation or free-time offer to match your needs or have Sunkid develop an integrated concept fully adjusted to you. The complete setup is available from a single source!

Advantages and a customised children's skiing area:

  • Continuous presentation emotionally charges the children.
  • Skiing can be learned in a playful environment.
  • Clear themes make it easier to compete with others.
  • No confusion with competitors
  • Advertising effect: Conveying the brand (skiing school/destination) via social medial by (grand-)parents, relatives and friends

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