Wood’n’Fun: The wood-ball track pays for itself

As a free-standing facility, a wood-ball game or a tower – wood balls are the summer highlight – for their operators as well

As a free-time specialist, Sunkid has many wood attractions in its Wood’n’Fun range.
The success of its new wood-ball track surpasses all expectations, however – not only measured by the number of installations, at more than 600 metres total length, but also by the feedback of guests and operators. Some customers had to order a restock of balls, that had been intended to last for the entire season, very quickly. Thousands of balls were purchased at the vending machines in just a few weeks – and not only by children!
The wood balls are applied with the operator's logo, making them not merely a toy for the system, but also a nice souvenir for later.
The operator finances his investment via the income from the wood balls.
Sunkid offers three options to make the wood balls roll:

A wood-ball track

The free-standing wood-ball track can be anchored firmly in the ground or installed mobilely.
Various courses and routes invite visitors to play. The wood balls make small bells ring along the route.
Race tracks with start and end and parallel tracks have been installed as well.  

A wood-ball game

The system's variability also makes it possible to expand existing toys by a wood-ball track, as was done in the Swarowski Kristallwelten (AUT). The Sunkid conveyor belt has also already been converted to a wood ball track for summer use.
The specific options can best be determined by individual consulting.

A wood-ball tower

The wood-ball track can also be installed as a ball tower.
The compact build makes the wood-ball tower a good toy not only for outdoor use (terrace) but also indoors.

A total of 30 metres (!) worth of wood-ball track are installed on a footprint of 8 m² and a height just exceeding 3 metres.

Wood-ball tower facts:

  • 30 metres of ball track,
  • Footprint of the tower diameter 3.2 m, 7 m with attachments,
  • Total space required with clearance diameter 10 m or area of 80 m²,
  • Tower height 3.4 m, total height approx. 4.5 m with lifts,
  • Impact protection with the corresponding material required; fall height 2.4 m 


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