Traceboarding and Xraycer Convince on their 4-Country Tour

Many potential customers used the opportunity to inquire in detail about traceboarding and the Xraycer at the Sunkid 4-country tour.

Bad weather during an outdoor presentation doesn't have to be a bad thing. This happened during the Sunkid road show for the traceboarding and Xraycer, which travelled through four countries from late August to early September.
While other comparable attractions have to pack up due to wetness as soon as a drizzle starts, traceboarding was able to prove its advantages in practice then and there. The innovative traceboard brake system is designed to prevent moisture from influencing its impressive braking power.
The spectators were no less impressed when they watched the quick setup and removal. Where there had only been green meadow in the early morning, the first timed rides on the demo route could take place the same afternoon. The moment the system was fully installed, children and their parents approached curiously. "May we ride that, too?" was the most common question to follow. Only few left it at a single ride…
Removal after the event was very speedy as well, to the local operators' surprise, since there are not electronics installed in the rail area at all. It took only three hours to stow the entire equipment with its leaderboard back in the transporter, leaving behind amazed faces – and a green meadow.
Together with traceboarding, potential customers at the various destinations were shown the Xraycer. Everyone was able to try out the unique riding feel on marked courses and convince themselves of the many possible uses.


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