Around the world on the conveyor belt

The conveyor belt is a unique climbing aid. The places where it is installed are unique as well – and can be found around the world

It was impossible to foresee the many possible uses of the conveyor belt when it was invented more than two decades ago. The Sunkid engineers found new ways to offer best solutions to the customer demand from around the world every year, however. Many of the 3,250 facilities now in use could be installed in very unusual locations in spite of great height differences. Skiing isn't necessarily a pastime typically connected to some of the 67 countries where Sunkid conveyor belts were installed. But of course, they also aren't all meant for skiing to begin with… 

Have a look and come with us on a journey around the world


Vail (USA):
The longest bridge-supported conveyor belt in the world

Dachstein (AUT):
A "Skyline" conveyor belt
at the Dachstein

Les2Alpes (FRA):
The benchmark.

Fushun (CHN):
Tube and raft conveyor belts in Hot Go Park

Korek Mountain (IRQ):
An experience world with various Wood’n’Fun wood playing devices and Family Rides was built here in addition to two conveyor belts.

Jungfrau (CH):
A Sunkid conveyor belt with gallery stands up to extreme weather conditions at an altitude of nearly 3500 metres above sea level on Europe's longest glacier.

Mt. Hood Meadows (USA):
Sunkid (Starlifts) builds the first conveyor belt with a hydraulic lifting unit

Vienna (AUT):
Sunkid constructs and installs a boat conveyor belt for the white-water facility "Neue Donau"

Har Gilboa (ISR):
Sunkid builds two conveyor belts in a region with an extremely eventful history in Israel

Bottrop skiing hall (GER):
The two Sunkid conveyor belts with a length of 400 m each, a moving speed of 1.2 m/s and a drive output of about 60 KW are still holding the world record! 

Snow Dome Egypt (EGY):
The first snow experience world in Egypt was built near the pyramids of Giza. Sunkid successfully contributed its know-how as a winter-fun expert.

Snowbird (USA):
Cross the "Peruvian Tunnel" on the 180-metre Sunkid conveyor belt.

Golf court Jisan (KOR)
The conveyor belt as a climbing aid for the golf court was discovered in the late 1990s.

Ski Dome Wanda Harbin (CHN): Sunkid installs two conveyor belts with the first motorised handrail in the world's largest skiing hall.

Blackwater Falls State Park (USA): The longest uncovered outdoor conveyor belt, at 400 metres, serves as access to the "sled run" next to it.

Falls Creek (AUS):
The first conveyor belt in Australia was delivered to the Falls Creek skiing school in 1997, only one year after Sunkid was founded. "It’s still running!"

Gramado (BRA):
South America also trusts in the Sunkid conveyor belt – not only in the Andes, but also in Brazil, i.e. in the Snowland Gramado

…and another 3,250
Sunkid conveyor belts around the world

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