Tube Conveyor Belts in Hot Go Park (CHN)

Two Sunkid conveyor belts return the tubes to the beginning of the slide tower

For the slide facility of Wiegand-Maelzer in the Hot Go Park in Fushun (China), Sunkid installed two conveyor belts with a total length of about 110 metres. One of the two conveyor belts has a slight "bend" in the climbing area to permit ideal routing. Both conveyor belts collect the tubes in the landing pool and transport them up – an additional feeder conveyor belt is not required. This is ensured by the innovative BLUE EYE surface, as well as by the safety devices present in the supply area. Sensors prevent transport while the tubes have not been removed from the upper removal area yet.

Facts on the Sunkid tube conveyor system in the Hot Go Park:

  • 2 conveyor belts at lengths of 56 and 53 metres respectively
  • Belt width 60 cm, suitable for 78" 4-person tubes
  • Continuous conveyor belts from the landing pool to the removal area
  • Demand-controlled transport
  • Roller tables with all-side rollers at the removal area
  • BLUE EYE belt surface for reliably taking along the tube from the landing pool

     Learn more about the Sunkid Conveyor Belt Systems... 


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