Low surface ski lifts: The diverse climbing solution

Sunkid relies on the factors of quality and comfort as a key to success with its (height-adjustable) low surface ski lifts

Sunkid has produced more than 4,500 lifts so far and installed them around the world as exercise lifts, access lifts or pure children's ski lifts.
It was originally thought that introduction of the person conveyor belt would displace low surface ski lifts from the children's and skiing school area. Today, we know that ski lifts with a lower cable remain a staple in addition to the conveyor belt and that the two climbing aids supplement each other to form one complete offer.

Ski lift or conveyor belt?

The requirements of the area determine whether the decision is made for a conveyor belt or small ski lift. In particular, the terrain and potential user group specifies which transport system is best. Every system, no matter if it is a person conveyor belt or small ski lift, has its own advantages. They can supplement each other very well if placed correctly. Many mountain railway and skiing school operators have recognised this and expanded their offered range. In addition to the expanded offers, the effort towards high transport quality, high efficiency and high economic efficiency is clearly evident among the operators.

Enormous further development

Sunkid took this trend into consideration and reflects it in the rapid further development of recent years, as well as in the area of small ski lifts. Frequency-converter-controlled drives with smooth speed control, twist-free comfort seat disc brackets and motor-powered wheel inclination as well as height adjustment of the stations are default items in the small ski lifts now available from Sunkid.
The tried and tested construction kit system thus not only gives the customers an attractively priced product with mature quality and high reliability, but also permits individual configurations.

Contact us and find the right transport solution for you in the form of a suitable small ski lift or conveyor belt.



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