There is no escaping the attraction of the wood-ball tower

The interactive wood playing equipment offers a high experience value on a small footprint and will refinance itself

An interactive toy of natural wood with a small footprint that can "tie" a large number of children to itself at the same time, that permits individual design and that will even refinance itself? The wood-ball tower by Sunkid offers precisely this.
Parents, children and operators alike love the simple as well as ingenious idea of this toy, though each group for different reasons.

Interactive wood toy refinances itself

Based on adventure parks in the mountains, the idea is now also transferred to classical entertainment parks. "The wood-ball tower is unique in that it is an interactive toy made of natural raw materials and even refinances itself," explains product manager Georg Dobler, responsible for the area of entertainment parks at Sunkid. "The children are tantalised by following the balls on their paths. The parents are happy that the children stop thinking of their game consoles and practice their motor skills on a wooden toy. And the operator is happy because he knows that the toy will refinance itself by the purchase of balls at the vending machines," Dobler explains the wood-ball tower's success so far.

Small footprint with great experience value

The standard wood-ball tower on a compact footprint of only about 8 m² and with a height of a little more than 3 metres offers 30(!) running metres of wood-ball track. The different courses on and around the tower permit several children to play at the same time. Their curious eyes will follow the balls on their paths around the track, while the children also must master various obstacles to enable their balls to continue rolling.
The wood ball needed to play is marked with the logo of the entertainment park and is purchased by the children by putting a coin in the vending machine. The tower can be ordered in the default version or customised or changed to fit a theme.
"And of course, the wood-ball tower can also ideally installed in an indoor experience world", as Dobler mentions in the end.

Facts on the wood-ball tower standard:

  • 30 running metres of ball track,
  • Tower footprint: Diameter 3.2 m, 7 m with attachments
  • Total space demand with free space: Diameter 10 m or 80 m² area
  • Tower height 3.4 m; total height approx. 4.5 m with lifts
  • Impact protection with the corresponding material required; falling height 2.4 m
  • Wood balls are branded with the park's logo -> Souvenirs!
  • Wood balls are sold by coin-operated vending machines
  • Indoor and outdoor setup possible


  • Any form of theme is possible.
  • The size and length of the track can be customised.


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