A Day on Skis Starts at the Parking Place

Long and partially iced-over paths to the valley station make the start into a day on skis an unpleasant matter. The conveyor belt can collect your guests even earlier.

Skiing areas offer guests greatest comfort in almost all areas: WiFi, heated chair lifts, comfortable gondolas and perfectly groomed slopes are a matter of course today. Guests can enjoy any number of amenities. It is quite possible, however, that they would not even perceive them as such, since their day on skis used to begin with mastering the difficult route from the parking place to the first lift. The paths are often steep, slippery and perceived as rather strenuous in skiing boots.  
The Tofana world cup and Olympic region in Cortina d’Ampezzo (ITA) has been presenting an example of how to "collect" guests at the parking place already since this winter season started. Guests need to go up only a few steps at the lower end of the parking place to reach the conveyor belt that will take them comfortably to the valley station. After they leave it, it will be only a few metres without any great effort or stress before the guests reach the cash point and the first lift. If they want to continue to the next left after buying the ticket, winter athletes can use another conveyor belt that will bridge another terrain level.
A beautiful day on skis can begin ...

This example describes only one of many possible uses of the conveyor belt as a transport and around the skiing area. The same applies to the path from the town core to the cableway or on the way back to the hotel.
The weather-independent conveyor belt does not necessarily have to be put up on a meadow, but may also be embedded in asphalt as a permanent installation for year-round use.

Examples of implemented projects at the fringes of the skiing area:

  • Parking place to valley station
  • Underpasses
  • Bridge crossing
  • Access to gastronomy
  • Return to the lift station
  • Connection between skiing areas
  • Glacier to mountain station


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