Children's Laughter and Adrenalin Thrill: Both are Possible in Summer Tubing

"Classical" summer tubing or spectacular Tubby-Jump. With the Sunkid Tubing System, the matching application for any target group can be found

Sunkid summer tubing with steep-wall curves and a Neveplast sliding flooring has become a fixed part of the summer offers in many destinations around the world 10 years after it has arrived on the market. More and more applications were added over the years. Some were spectacular – and some truly extraordinary. They all share one thing: They are great fun.

"Classical" summer tubing:
Summer tubing means that guests slide speedily and safely downhill on special plastic mats with side guides using regular snow tubes with a hard bottom.

Thanks to its modular elements, the revolutionary system permits construction of individual tubing tracks with entirely free shape, length and application designs.
It is extremely easy to install and requires no irrigation or drainage systems. As a consequence, this ensures low operating and maintenance costs.

Tubby Jump:
The innovative Tubby-Jump systems produce pure adrenalin.
The tubes are used to slide down a straight slope across a large kicker to land safely on a gigantic air cushion or in the water. The slope is either installed directly on a steep hillside (meadow, earth) or on a dedicated structure.

Mini Tubby is maximum fun on minimum space! (for kids 3-12 years old)It is a modular and easy-to-transport system for indoor and outdoor use, which can be assembled and disassembled within a matter of hours.

Indoor Tubing:
The Sunkid Indoot tubing needs no electrical power and thanks to its minimum space requirements, it can be installed nearly anywhere. Its simple structure, along with low operating costs as well as minimal space requirements, makes the Sunkid Indoor Tubing a very attractive choice for recreational parks and temporary installations.


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