The Sunkid conveyor belt in theme parks

Sunkid offers a weather-proof transport solution with its conveyor belt

Escalators and moving walkways – "flat escalators", that is – are well known from use inside buildings. They transport passengers comfortably and quickly to another level or to their gates and platforms on the same level in shopping centres, airports, underground or train stations. They influence the visitor flows, directions and speed. It's an all-round practical thing.
No matter how practical such solutions would be in entertainment parks as well – they are, unfortunately, not made for use in every kind of weather. They are also sensitive to dirt, need greater constructional measures and are deemed expensive.

Robust Sunkid conveyor belt

Sunkid saw more than two decades ago that there was a need for action here. With its people conveyor belt, it put a weather-proof, cost-efficient and still robust transport solution on the market. Sunkid has installed 3,400 of these facilities around the world in the meantime, making it the global market leader in the segment of outdoor conveyor belts. The Sunkid people conveyor belts are just as reliable in rain and heat as in snow and ice – without requiring any roofing. However, there is an option of installing a gallery to protect the passengers from wind and weather. This gallery is not only a weather protection but can be customised to fit the client's theme.

Sunkid is the global no. 1 in outdoor conveyor belts, with 3,400 installations

The Sunkid people conveyor belt finds wide-spread applications in theme parks as well. In particular in theme parks that have grown across the decades, the infrastructure must often be adjusted to the situation at hand. Attractions, parking places and restaurants should be accessible comfortably for all visitor groups. Guests with physical impairments, as well as parents with strollers appreciate help to traverse inclinations with the people conveyor belt from Sunkid.

Read a few examples here concerning the area of use of the Sunkid conveyor belt system:


Benefits of the Sunkid (people) conveyor belt system at one glance:

  • More than 22 years of experience at Sunkid as a global market leader for conveyor belts with person transport
  • Experience from planning, production and installation of more than 3,400 facilities world-wide in the outdoor area (snow, rain, temperature fluctuations, etc.)
  • Global sales and service network
  • Project-related individual planning
  • Many different concepts have been tried and tested and can be chosen depending on the task
  • Transport with or without persons
  • Comprehensive support in concept, execution, acceptances and documentation
  • Can be retrofitted on existing systems


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