Sunkid: guiding visitor flows, cycling intervals, ensuring spacing

The Moving Carpet as a diverse tool in difficult times, now available with new financing models.

Tourism has been hit harder by the coronavirus pandemic than virtually any other industry. Even though the situation finally seems to be improving, to the great relief of anyone working in this industry, insecurity prevails everywhere. Therefore, Sunkid has created a comprehensive package for its customers in order to offer best support and as a preventive solution for potential authority requirements or provisions. This will also send a particularly positive signal to future guests.

Steering and guidance: The Moving Carpet is better than any other means of transport in tourism if a provider needs to steer and guide visitor flows, whether in the skiing area itself or away from the slopes. In particular, highly frequented areas such as children’s and beginners’ areas can be better organised and divided with the Moving Carpet. The same applies to parking places and other hot spots, where a large number of people with one and the same destination can be guided with the Moving Carpet.

Distancing aid: Moving Carpets enable a person to stand comfortably, while preventing the dense crowds common even in guided waiting areas. The smooth speed control from 0.2 to 1.2 m/s also permits direct control of the cycling speed.

Example: A Moving Carpet has a length of 60 m. At a speed of 0.2 m/s, the cycle time (duration from getting on to getting off) is precisely 5 minutes, at 0.4 m/s it is 2.5 minutes, at 0.7 m/s it is 85 seconds and so on. Therefore, the hourly capacity at a safety distance of 1 m is 720 persons at 0.2 m/s, 1,440 persons at 0.4 m/s and 2,550 persons at 0.7 m/s.

Beyond this, Sunkid supports operators of Moving Carpet belts with customised spacing solutions such as traffic light control, signage, markings, and many other customisable options.

Information: Use the option of supplying your guests with important information and advice in advance and during the ride on the Moving Carpet. Sunkid supports you with the equipment you need for it, from displays to signage and customised foam figures. If you do not or no longer need those solutions, all of these systems can be easily adjusted to be used for advertising, or to present different kinds of information, etc. in future.

Sunkid financing 2020: A Moving Carpet is an investment that preserves its value for a long time. Good maintenance permits profitable use for two decades and more. Sunkid would like to support its customers in these uncertain times where important and sensible investments are pushed back for reasons of uncertainty or tense financial situations. The Sunkid hire purchase option enables customers to lease the Moving Carpet for a year before buying it if desired. The lease will be offset against the remaining purchasing price in full. Sunkid also offers leasing models in cooperation with renowned banks. We will gladly make you a corresponding offer.


We will gladly answer any questions you have about your Moving Carpet, its potential uses, and matching financing options by phone (+43 5412 68131), email ([email protected]) or video conference.


Photo credits: c. by Sunkid

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