X-TREME luge – The figurehead for summer and winter activities in La Rosière

The year-round “X-TREME luge” Mountain Coaster is available to guests of all age groups in the sunny winter sports region of La Rosière. The downhill run on the Mountain Coaster covers a length of 697 metres.

Since taking over Brandauer Sommerrodelbahn two years ago, Sunkid has put great effort into continuous further development of the Mountain Coaster. Last year, they took a big step towards year-round use that can be applied to existing facilities as well.

A rubber blend developed specifically for the running wheels of the Mountain Coaster, combined with overtightened wheels and an adaptation in the area of centrifugal breaks now enables the Mountain Coaster to run even on a wet track. Driving and braking tests were carried out by the accredited test centre of WPK Austria GmbH on the Mountain Coaster at Grünberg in Austria. 

The Mountain Coaster route in La Rosière is operated in all seasons, in sunny and snowy weather alike. Thrill-seeking visitors can race down the 697-metres-long track year-round at speeds of up to 40 km/h.

Thanks to the build of the Sunkid Mountain Coaster, new facilities can be set up on nearly any ground. The Mountain Coaster can also handle steep slopes. La Rosière even sports two slope sections with gradients of 60%.

Pushing through the throttle to the maximum throughout the ride, the entire route winding through the forest can be covered in about one minute. This is a feat that only few dare, as the route comes with 14 bends and a roundabout that treats the rider to a 450-degree-spin. The average time for the La Rosière ride is between one and two minutes as a result.

The 270-metre-long, fully automated uphill transport of the Mountain Coaster toboggans with their respective riders back to the starting point follows after the lowest point of the route. This transport solution creates a closed system that spares guests the walk or gondola ride back to the beginning.

To make the experience even more diverse, differently coloured light spots have been installed along the downhill run. The lights ensure memorable moments in particular during evening rides.


Fact Box: “X-TREME luge” La Rosière
•    Downhill slope length: 697 m
•    Ascent length: 270 m
•    Uphill transport: Mountain conveyor
•    Toboggans: 28 pcs.
•    Height difference: 120 m
•    Gradient: ∅ 17%
•    Speed: max. 40 km/h


Fotocredits: La Rosière tourisme, Courtesy of Captain Coaster

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