Mountain Summer as an Opportunity

The alpine tourism business is facing many challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Limited travelling opportunities are a situation to be used well.

Many found this winter season quite different from the usual. The COVID-19 pandemic affected not only travelling opportunities but also people’s needs. The desire for freedom, rest, and sustainability keeps growing. Since the last summer was already characterised by the COVID 19 pandemic, mountain railways had to adjust to the new situation, re-position themselves, and develop new strategies quickly.

As private persons also had to adjust to the changed situation, many were looking for new activities that were available in their closer proximity. Cycling became very popular.

Many mountain railways recognised this trend, expanding their summer offering accordingly. The development and expansion of bike parks created a new offering for parents who want to spend time with their children and do sports together. Special beginners’ bike parks also make it possible to gently introduce the young bikers to increasingly difficult trails.

This is where the Sunkid Moving Carpet comes in. Useful in summer as well as in winter, it stands out with its easy setup and removal options, weather- and dirt-resilience.

The Moving Carpet is the ideal climbing aid to return to the beginning of the exercise area in bike parks. Where children do their first swings in winter, bike beginners enjoy their first experience on the trails in summer.

Bike parks need not limit the Moving Carpet to their beginners, however. It is even used in bike parks with flat terrain.

The Moving Carpet is already successfully in use in the bike parks of St. Corona am Wechsel, in Leogang, on the Reiteralm, and in the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis bike park. St. Corona am Wechsel deploys the 90-m-long Moving Carpet of the Skikinderland to provide access to trails for all age groups. The climbing aid of bike mecca Leogang takes the youngest visitors to the starting point of the local mini bike park, where they can consolidate their technique in order to prevail on the difficult trails later. The exercise area of the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis bike park has a 96-m-long Moving Carpet transporting bikers of all skill levels.

Sunny Stuff figures can make riding the bike park trails even more exciting and diverse for children. The Kabi Bike Park in Oberiberg (CH) sets a beautiful example for this with the two toucans placed by its entrance, an arch, and various individual figures scattered throughout the park to inspire playful learning among the children and add a fun factor.


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Fotocredits: Wexl Trails by Familienarena St. Corona am Wechsel, TVB Schladming - Christine Höflehner, Stefan Zürrer

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