Movement forms the key to greater quality of life

Outdoor fitness is extremely diverse, yet perfectly trendy. The Wood’n’Fun-fitalPARCS allow users to swap the gym for outdoor training.

The measures to control spread of the coronavirus have kept the gyms closed for months, not only harming the operators’ finances, but also the members who are unable to work out there anymore.

Since we have no idea of when the gyms will be able to reopen, or of the requirements imposed on them at that time, it is a good idea to go looking for an alternative to indoor training. A Wood’n’Fun-fitalPARC, ideal for outdoor operation, is one good option here.

This kind of outdoor movement offer stands out with its modular build, nature-oriented implementation, optimal health support, and its compliance with the highest safety standards.

The fitalPARCS can be divided into three categories:

ACTIVE: Innovative movement courses for preservation of health, fun, and games alone or in a team. The ACTIVE line has been developed as a multi-generation course. These courses can be easily embedded into nature and may even be developed into entire worlds of experience or can be integrated into these. These courses are mostly targeted at cities, municipalities, and hotels.

MED: Movement, garden therapy, experiencing with all senses – fitalPARC med. The new therapy setup helps people in hospitals, care facilities, and rehabilitation centres to better master their everyday lives. This category is recommended for golf clubs, residential and care homes, and spa facilities.

SPORTS: The trend towards movement in nature continues unbroken – in particular in times of the pandemic. The SPORTS category is an “outdoor gym” made up of high bars, hand-over-hand sections, and double bars. These training devices help build strength, improve coordination, and extend stamina. We recommend this product to everyone working in the sports industry.

The Funergy Park in the Styrian town of Weiz is a beautiful example of a Wood’n’Fun-fitalPARC already implemented:

The playground in Styria (AUT)

Energy has always been an important matter in the Styrian town of Weiz. One of its greatest projects on the subject of energy, the Funergy-Park opened its gates a few months ago. Embedded into a “conventional” playground, it offers playing equipment designed around the themes of “energy” and “physics” in order to teach children about energy and the closely connected principles of physics in an interactive form. The wood playing equipment in an urban design was produced by Sunkid’s cooperation partner Almholz.


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Photocredits: Sunkid

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