Loopster on the road to success

The Loopster inspires more and more amusement park operators and their guests. In a Bavarian amusement park a nicely themed Loopster has been a crowd puller since it was put into operation this season.

Recently the Loopster has already been installed in Kuwait, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Bosnia and Germany, among other places. As an interactive attraction where passengers can experience a calm or a slightly wilder ride depending on their preference, the Loopster is the ideal ride for all tastes.

Though the Loopster is not a roller coaster one can experience an unforgettable and action-packed ride in one of the eight cabins, which can be customized and themed using sound and lighting effects. The cabins are rotating around the center while passengrs can  do loopings or just glide along smoothly - as desired and at the push of a button by the passenger. So the wild way or the mild way - just as you like!

Another advantage is that the Loopster with its overall diameter of less than 12 meters, requires very little space. The fact that no static foundation is required is particularly appreciated by customers who include the Loopster in the planning of their already existing  amusement park. In addition, this ride can be used both indoors and outdoors. In the German amusement park where the Loopster is a top novelty this season, this ride is located under a pagoda-style roof and therefore fits nicely with the surrounding attractions.

All information about the Family Rides can be found here.


Photocredits: Sunkid

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