A Bike Park for All Age Groups

The right choice of partners, suppliers, and products helps create an optimised and diverse summer offering. The St. Corona family arena has developed its bike activity offering further in the last few years with the help of Allegra Tourismus & Trails AG, specialising in the planning of bike parks, and Sunkid with the tried and tested implementation of various attractions.

The Wexl Trails in the Erlebnisarena St. Corona (AT) are a project where all factors have come together perfectly. Sunkid has already supported the Erlebnisarena facility in finding ideas for summer and winter use alike for many years, delivering various products that are in operation as learning aids as well as adding a fun factor year-round.

There have been high investments in developing the summer offering, turning two small children’s trails and a Moving Carpet into a popular year-round destination for families, and in particular for bikers.

“When we started developing the Wexl Trails in St. Corona, we had a bag full of ideas. Allegra’s advice has helped us greatly in sorting these ideas into a clear system and in applying priorities with the right impulses,” says Karl Morgenbesser, managing director of the Erlebnisarena St. Corona/Wexltrails.

Sunkid’s Moving Carpet in the children’s skiing land has seen use for a few winters already. Now it also serves as a climbing aid in the mini bike park in summer. A second Moving Carpet has been added since, giving the bikers a choice of which one to ride.

The mini bike park is the ideal addition to the trails, where parents who want to introduce their children to trail biking don’t need to fear any great risks. After all, these routes are less steep than those in the trail park, and particularly good for beginners (aged 3 and up) and slightly advanced children. Of course, they are also open to teens and adults aiming to collect their first trail experience on their mountain bikes.

Both the children’s skiing land and the mini bike park have found the Moving Carpet to be an ideal climbing aid.

Rides on the bike park trails can be made even more exciting and diverse for children by adding some Sunny Stuff figures. For example, the entrance can be decorated with customised toucans or a large entrance arch. Trails may be lined with Sunny Stuff figures that stimulate playful learning in the children while adding some extra fun.

Toucans serve as great orientation aids for the finish area of the bike park, where parents are usually cheering for their children or taking a break together with them. Sunkid’s Wood’n’Fun products find use here as well, e.g. in the form of benches, various deck chairs, and pieces of playing equipment that are great for a restorative break before setting out with renewed energy again.

Sunkid is already looking forward to continued successful cooperation with renowned partners in order to optimally meet the respective customer wishes.


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