Wood’n’Fun experience worlds for lakes and outdoor pools

Use the customised and diverse Wood’n’Fun products to turn your bathing facility into a memorable leisure time experience for your guests.

Wood’n’Fun products have diverse uses and offer plenty of customisation opportunities, no matter if they are used as water playing facilities, climbing walls at the playground, or jumping towers at the edge of the pool or the banks of the lake.

Their special build makes it possible to perfectly integrate the products into the existing environment, and to even place them in water. The material, the constructional wood protection, and the quality of the Wood’n’Fun products enable long service lives, even in combination with water. All Wood’n’Fun projects are planned and implemented like this for the purpose of finding a sustainable solution.

The project in Podersdorf am See (see the project report here) and the project at the Mieming bathing lake are perfect examples for use of the Wood’n’Fun products in combination with water:

Right by the banks of the natural bathing lake in Mieming, there is an impressive Wood’n’Fun playing facility, themed to look like a carp. 7.5 metres tall and 12 metres long, the installation contains swings, slides, and climbing opportunities. The area around the lake also has a bay with a semi-circular bridge and a popular sand playground for toddlers.

Lovers of action will enjoy the bathing lake as well thanks to its adventure bridge with a jumping board, a climbing wall, and a water slide that offer the perfect opportunity for an ultimate adrenalin kick. Guests who prefer a peaceful and idyllic time at the lake will find a restorative offer in the Kneipp station with integrated wading and walking pool, the barefoot bath, and the spa deck chairs.


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Photocredits: c. by Knut Kuckel, Eric van Ommen

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