Tourism Destinations rely on the Moving Carpet even in summer

Many skiing areas turn partly or entirely into bike parks in summer now. The tourism factor of mountain biking is increasingly gaining in potential and drawing many customers with high purchasing power into the mountains.

In order to fully utilise the potential of bike sports, many mountain railways and tourism regions are expanding their existing offerings by a beginners’ bike park that uses the Sunkid Moving Carpet. The Moving Carpet is ready for year-round use and can even be moved from place to place, with the advantage of placing it in the children’s skiing land in winter and in the beginners’ bike park in summer.

Following great demand, Sunkid developed some special technical features for use in bike parks, such as:

•    Checker-plate covers (easier cleaning)
•    Lateral sheeting of the system (option of lowering it into the ground)
•    Systems for cleaning the conveyor belt
•    Special exits (optimisation of operations)
•    Roofing solutions and remote control for the Moving Carpet with optional video monitoring

50 Moving Carpets are already in use now, serving as climbing aids in bike parks in summer. The longest one, at 171 m, is installed in the  Bike Park des Lacs in Belgium.

Since the “bike” trend has been recognised in Austria as well, it is not surprising that the Sunkid Moving Carpets are used in the bike parks there, too.

The 4-Berge-Skischaukel (skiing area Schladming) is not only known for its great slopes, but also for its hiking paths and, more recently, for its bike parks.

The Schladming Dachstein region expanded its summer offering with the Bikepark Reiteralm, creating new options for parents who want to spend time and do sports with their children.

The Junior Trails are located on the Reiteralm, right next to the Reiteralmhütte. They comprise two lines with sections in four difficulty levels: the CHICKEN-Line, the SNAKE-Line, the FOX--Line, and the TIGER-Line.

The Bikepark Schladming has plenty to offer, too. The diverse route selection leaves nothing to be desired in the bike park. The various trails and difficulties are loved by beginners (newbies) and professional downhillers alike.

In the fairy-tale meadow area, the Bike-Area, put together from very simple sections (Bobby-Line, Cool-Line, and Rocket-Line) to enable children to improve their basic knowledge and hone their technique is a particularly good offer for the newbies.

Both the Bike-Area and the Junior-Trails use the Sunkid Moving Carpet as a comfortable climbing aid in order to return to the beginning of the exercise area.

In time for the summer season, the Bergbahnen Hohsaas auf Kreuzboden (CH) are also opening their Skills-Park with three new trails and a Moving Carpet.

Saas-Fee is a popular winter sports destination in the Swiss Alps. For many years, mountain biking has been highly popular there as well, causing the offering at the Kreuzboden, previously comprising a Moving Carpet in winter and a lake, playground, and restaurant in summer, to be expanded by three skills trails.

The bike park is to not only introduce children to mountain biking, but also give adults an opportunity to overcome personal challenges and improve their technique on the bike if they wish.

Borer Lift AG, a Sunkid-world company, delivered a Moving Carpet to the Bergbahnen Hohsaas in 2009 already, to serve as a climbing aid for skiers in winter. A terrain model was even produced back then in order to plan soil corrections.

Starting this year, the Moving Carpet is running with the “bike add-on function”, acting as a means of transport that easily carries bikers back to the start of the trails.

Factbox Moving Carpet Reiteralm Junior Trails:

Length: 75 m
Drive: 11 kW
Speed: up to 0.7 m/s
Belt: Blue Eye

Factbox Moving Carpet Schladming Bike Area:

Length: 60 m
Drive: 11 kW
Speed: up to 0.7 m/s
Belt: Blue Eye
Gallery: yes

Factbox Moving Carpet Hohsaas Skills Park:

Length: 138 m
Drive: 18.5 kW
Speed: up to 0.7 m/s
Belt: Blue Eye


Find out more about Moving Carpets in bike parks here.


Photocredits: Planai Bikepark Schladming - Roland Haschka, Josh Absenger; Saas-Fee Guides

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