Sunkid Heege Ensures an Adrenalin Kick in the Avonturenpark Hellendoorn

Starting this year, the new rollercoaster called “Balagos” – previously known as “Tornado” – will make guests of the Avonturenpark Hellendoorn rejoice. The lap bars replacing the shoulder harnesses  in particular make for an entirely new feel of the ride.

The Dutch theme and adventure park Hellendoorn had its “Tornado” rollercoaster modernised this year. The people in charge at the Dutch park found Sunkid Heege, the supplier of an entirely new train with unique properties, to be the perfect partner for this project.

The rollercoaster was not only renovated, but also renamed and newly themed in the scope of modernisation. From the 2021 season onwards, “Tornado” has become the dragon “Balagos”.

To make the theme stand out even more, the rails were painted a fiery orange. The area around the rollercoaster and the new Sunkid train – the essential core of any rollercoaster – were, of course, themed as well. The black cars, and in particular the front car, catch all eyes immediately. In this case, a black dragon’s head with spreading scales and fiery-red eyes forms the train’s figurehead.


An entirely new attraction with a new theme and a new train.


Apart from the revised theme, the new Sunkid train essentially contributes to the new feel of the “Balagos” ride. Lap bars instead of shoulder harnesses that hem the rider in, a sitting position that affords greater freedom, and a smoother ride make guests perceive the speed and G-forces more intensely. The new train has been built to the latest standards and is designed to be very maintenance-friendly. This way, Avonturenpark Hellendoorn was able to not only upgrade an existing coaster to the state of the art, but also to create an entirely new attraction for its visitors with a spectacular new ride feel and loving theme adjustment.



Fotocredits: Sunkid

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