500 x Quality Made in Germany

More than 500 Sunkid Family Rides in 36 countries around the world prove their reliability every day

Not only our customers value the high quality of the Sunkid Family Rides. AutNot only our customers value the high quality of the Sunkid Family Rides. Also authorities certify the conformity according to EN13814.
The business started by the Heege brothers in a garage in Laubach (GER) where they built their first playground equipment in the early 1970s quickly developed into a story of success. Just a few years later, the first Family Ride, called the Movymat (predecessor of the Skydive) was launched. This was soon followed by the Nautic Jet, the only(!) ride in the world with a free flight phase to date. Inspired by this success, the company developed an outstanding reputation in the industry thanks to its highly qualified employees. 
In 2009, it was acquired by globally active Sunkid GmbH from Austria. This increased the sales market and led to an expansion of the product range towards ride components, up to completely new roller-coaster trains. The development of new Family Rides experienced a new dynamic as well. For example, the Sundancer was launched in 2016.


Join us and learn interesting facts about the Sunkid Family Rides here in a brief summary…

Did you know that …


… the Skydive was the first Sunkid (formerly Gebr. Heege GmbH) Family Ride to be marketed in 1976, called the Movymat at the time? It has been installed more than 170 times by now!


…the Nautic Jet, launched soon thereafter, is the only(!) ride in the world that has a free flight phase.


… The Butterfly meets the criteria of a roller coaster and therefore tops the global coaster sales charts at more than 60 units sold.



… the Tower turns around its own axis by 360° and is not a free-fall tower. Users can interactively determine the height of their seat


… the Loopster, Loopi and Luna Loop rides are true looping rides. They are unique for being interactive and family-friendly



… the Sundancer makes it possible to experience three dimensions of centrifugal force interactively in a very small footprint.

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