A snowy voyage with Snowli

Sunkid and Borer Lift AG design the pirate's land as a completely new children's skiing area in Obersaxen (CH) with three conveyor belts and customised Sunny Stuff products

Even some skiing world cup athletes like Marco Casanova and Carlo Janka collected their first experience on skis in the children's land of the Chummenbühl/Obersaxen (CH) skiing area. "But now we wanted to offer something new and entirely different to the guests!" project initiator Marco Casanova explains. Looking for a trustworthy partner and specialist for implementation, they quickly found that Sunkid-Borer was just what they were looking for. The team around managing director Axel Halder with its vast network of technical experts, technicians and designers supported the project from the first brainstorming to turn-key handover. The idea for the pirates' land came from the client, however. It was developed to match the local needs. "The subject is very diverse. It leaves plenty of space for creative ideas. For example, the skiing course is much more fun with a treasure hunt to add a bit of excitement. This permits a playful approach to skiing," explains Axel Halder. In order to implement the Snowli* concept in a consistent manner in the pirates' land, Snowli now experiences exciting adventures with the characters Captain Jack and his crew, created by Sunkid. The project in Obersaxen was funded in an unusual way as well: its crowdfunding campaign became an overwhelming success. The total needed was clearly surpassed, which proves that not only those in charge, but also the people of Obersaxen support this project. The motivated and creative approach of all parties now makes it possible to playfully introduce children to winter sports. The two new Flex type conveyor belts let children reach the mountain easily. The 600-millimetre-wide BlueEye belts are made particularly safe by their special slip prevention surface. The centrepiece of the children's land is its pirate's ship, impressively presented with lamps and spreading a mystic atmosphere in the pirates' camp. "We loved seeing our work completed after nearly 1.5 years of cooperation with the Obersaxen skiing school," Axel Halder proudly tells us.

*Snowli is the mascot of the Swiss skiing schools.


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