Amusement Technology – Boomerang Coaster Train – Wonderla Park Bangalore (IND)

Two type Sunkid Heege SCT1200 trains were delivered to two sites in India for customer Wonderla

The customer - Wonderla Holidays Limited – is a leading company in design and operation of amusement parks in India. The company operates two additional parks apart from its flagship park in Bangalore. A fourth one is in the planning stage.

The customer installed two Boomerang runs for its two parks in Bangalore and Hyderabad last year. The trains running there to date are now being replaced by Sunkid trains of type SCT1200. The one in Bangalore is already in operation. The train already delivered to the amusement park in Hyderabad will take up operation in spring 2018.

The decision for a Sunkid train was made after an extensive Wonderla visit to the Walibi Rhône Alpes (FRA) amusement park. Since 2014, a Sunkid train has given the old ride built in 1988 a second lease of life with an entirely new feel. After many test runs and clearing up of technical detailed questions in German production, the customer was convinced of the Sunkid quality – and continues to be.

Overview of the Sunkid Coaster Train 1200 … 
  … generally:
•   The EN13814-certified Sunkid Heege train SCT1200 is suitable for wider tracks
      with a track width of 1200 mm as well.
•  Minimum passenger size 120 cm 

 … lap bars instead of shoulder restraints:
•  For an incredibly free feel during the ride.
•  A mechanical lock without padding of the restraints permits a faster safety check
    and requires less maintenance.
•  Pneumatic unlatching: "No air = no open bars"
•  No electrical or electronic systems susceptible to faults 

… Setup:
•  Thought-through, operator-friendly concept
•  Easily accessible components in connection with a "tidy" look …Wheel carriers:
•  The wheel carriers adjust to the rail route (horizontally & vertically). -> The train
     moves incredibly softly.
•  The new wheel suspension technology reduces wear considerably.

Special addition for the train in Bangalore:
•   Special focus on gap sizes and additional covers, since hardly anyone wears shoes
      in this water park
•   Several days of training for the operating and maintenance staff
•   Adjustment of running wheels and lubricants to temperatures that can get
     extremely high


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