The Skydive as an attraction "on the second level"

The compact build, combined with considerable height and long ropes, permits on the second level of your amusement park

Do you want to offer another attraction though the usable area of your park has reached its limits? Do you want to give your guests a spectacular view of your park and its surroundings? If so, the Skydive by Sunkid is just what you need.
The Skydive with its compact footprint, combined with an impressive height of 10.20 metres and a rope length of up to 50 metres, has been designed precisely for closing unused gaps in the theme park.

As more than 250 Sunkid Skydives installed world-wide to date prove, they can be installed in nearly any environment. Many users enjoy the view of the activities around the other attractions, such as minigolf courses, petting zoos, adventure playgrounds or simply untamed nature.
Two Skydives are often installed in parallel to guarantee for shared fun.
Read more about the further options the Skydive offers  – even indoors …


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