EVOLUS Gallery:

The Sunkid EVOLUS Gallery at a glance:

  • Spacing between the arches is individually adjustable e.g. 4 to 8 ft (1.5m - 2.5m) and can thus be adapted in the most cost-efficient manner to snow and wind loads. In addition, the individual spacing (larger spacing) of the arches can give an even freer sense of space inside the gallery.
  • Individual visual design is possible (polycarbonate only, polycarbonate-aluminum-wood, polycarbonate-aluminum, polycarbonate-plastic, etc.) In French Les Menuires, we were already able to install a polycarbonate-aluminum-wood gallery this year. We will provide you with a report on the project in the very near future.
  • Given their width, the aluminum arches can optimally even out variations in incline.
  • Special rubber profiles provide optimal sealing of the gallery and efficiently prevent water intrusion.
  • A special mounting slot on the outer side of the gallery makes individualized design of the arches possible (wood paneling, etc.)
  • The special mounting system of the plastic windows allow for “bolt-free” mounting. (easy replacement, easy maintenance ...)
  • All types of extensions and retrofits are easy to do thanks to the rectangular polycarbonate form and easy mounting (e.g. foil for advertising purposes, photovoltaic modules, …)
  • Sliding doors or rolling canvas covers are a possibility at side emergency exits and entry and exit ways
  • Larger distances between side emergency exits (as for example at the Planai project every 59 ft - 18m) are possible thanks to larger inner dimensions.
  • The aluminum profiles, as well as the polycarbonate can be finished in any desired color (e.g. aluminum profile powder-painted in anthracite and orange polycarbonate windows).
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