Nautic Jet, Skydive and Tower - Karls Erlebnisdörfer continue to rely on Sunkid

New Sunkid-Heege Family-Rides were successfully opened in three Karls Erlebnisdörfer facilities

With more than 250 attractions, cafés and hotels in seven locations, Karls Erlebnisdörfer are some of the most popular family excursion destinations in Germany. Sunkid helps ensure this success. The first Erlebnisdorf park was opened in Rövershagen back in 1993. It already has a Tower, themed as a pirate's nest and supplemented by a scored game. The fun factor, interactive approach and children and families as target groups were some factors that led to bringing more Sunkid-Heege products to other Karls sites as well.

Nadja Schriever, marketing manager of the Erlebnisdörfer parks, emphasises: "We have operated the pirate's nest in Rövershagen for a long time without any failures. The reliability of these devices, or specifically the ride, have convinced us. Our managing director, Mr Robert Dahl, also tried out the Nautic Jet on a works outing. He loved the freefall experience. Our guests can now enjoy it, too, in our second-largest Erlebnisdorf, Elstal. We set up a double facility there that we dubbed the 'Strawberry Drop'."

The following Karls sites were also expanded by Family Rides from Sunkid-Heege: A SkyDive double facility was built in Zirkow on the island of Rügen as a pancake catapult. The most recent Erlebnisdorf in Koserow on the island of Usedom had a "Straw-beary" tower added to it. The facilities were delivered on time and customised elaborately to match the customer's "strawberry" theme. Michael Kalsch from the Sunkid sales department says: "We have a great cooperation with Karls. The Karlsians are a very target-oriented and motivated team." We thank them for their trust. Of course, we look forward to further shared projects.

The Sunkid-Heege Family Rides have offered fun rides for the entire family for more than four decades. The great trademark of the products is their simple operation. Most of them need no direct supervision. They can be set up on little space, are highly interactive and ensure the greatest riding fun. Customers around the world have valued this for decades.


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