A Tower for the Jaderpark

A new attraction at the heart of the Yellowstone Water Company

Lovers of water, pay attention! The Jaderpark in Jaderberg at the North Sea has been attracting those looking for a good splash for a while now with its "Grizzly Adventure" entertainment landscape.
Two Nautic Jets have ensured action since the "Grizzly Bay" attraction was opened here in 2016. Children and adults alike love the "flying boats".

The Yellowstone Water Company is a new addition to the Grizzly Adventure landscape. Opened in June 2019, the adventure landscape with its geysers, nozzles and buckets leaves no one dry for long. A tower designed as a Wild-West water storage to match the theme rises from the heart of the Yellowstone Water Company. Reaching a height of more than nine metres, this interactive Sunkid Tower offers not only an excursion into lofty heights, but also a perfect vantage point.


Photo credits: Jaderpark

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