Jolly Jumber – Denmark's new attraction that will guarantee fun for all!

Are you ready for take-off? Hang on…that's not an aeroplane! That's a boat! 

In the beautiful hilly Odsherred landscape, boats are the new planes. It's made possible by the wild-west-style Nautic Jets that were newly installed in the Silver Town in the Sommerland Sjælland amusement park in 2019. "Our Nautic Jets, named by us Jolly Jumber, were opened in mid-season with great success. Issues were non-existent, with both facilities working perfectly from day one. The happy faces and shouts of pure bliss among our guests are the best recommendation for this great ride," says Kåre Dyvekær, the owner of Sommerland Sjælland.

After boarding, the boats will slowly but surely take their passenger up the 8-metre-long ramp. It's the perfect time to enjoy the view, because things won't stay this serene! The boat reaches the highest point of the ramp, disconnects and accelerates down the track at speeds of up to 40 km/h. At the end, the vehicle will take off, floating for up to six metres across the canoe pond before landing in the water with a great splash. Despite the amount of water, you don't need to worry about getting fully wet. It'll just be a few drops!


Photo credits: Sommerland Sjælland

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