New Uses and Possibilities Conveyor belts simplify rooftop snow removal

Sunkid Wonder Carpet

The Sunkid Ski Lift & Transport Equipment Company based in Imst is the leader in the passenger transport industry for ski resort conveyor belt systems, with a market share of approximately 70 percent worldwide. The team supporting Emanuel Wohlfarter has been active for years in developing new applications for the Wonder Carpet. Just such a new innovation puts the Wonder Carpet to good use - one that, as usual, involves the white gold of the Alps. Winters with high snowfall do not just beautify the landscape and improve conditions on the slopes; heavy snow also means more shoveling work for those tasked with the necessary removal. The weight of each heavy snowfall places enormous strain on many house and building roofs. In order to ensure the safety of those inside, the mountains of snow must be frequently removed from the roofs. The Sunkid Wonder Carpet offers a way to simplify this task and provides safety for the structure and those inside.


The managers of PPI Plastic Products Innovation GmbH & Co KG, located in Upper Austria, know all too well the inconvenience caused by heavy loads of snow. Their manufacturing and warehouse building #1, located in Ebensee, is 120 meters long and 120 meters wide. The surface area of the roof is approximately 14,000 m2. That's about the size of three football fields! Heavy snowfall in recent weeks caused snow to build up to a height of about 60 cm on the roof – or approximately 8,640 m3 of snow that had to be removed for safety reasons. Until now, it was necessary to deploy 50 workers for about five days to clear the snow away from the roof. Personnel costs for the snow removal amounted to about 50,000 Euros each time.


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