Innovation: Flexible and mobile metal foundation for small ski lifts

The cost- and time-saving alternative to foundations of reinforced concrete for temporary structures

Due to their compact size, Sunkid's small ski lifts are often removed down to the foundation after the winter season. Where necessary, they can even be removed entirely without leaving behind any components, however. The solution for this is a mobile steel structure that is buried in the soil instead of a conventional concrete foundation. This form of tensioning is available for all small Sunkid ski lifts, for drive and deflection stations as well as for section structures. After the steel structure is removed (by being dug up), the terrain will return to its original appearance very quickly once the grass has closed over it.  
Another advantage of the mobile steel foundations is the option of adjusting it to changes flexibly and to relocate the lifts within the skiing area quickly (and without leaving any parts behind).

The small ski lifts by Sunkid are tried and tested efficient transport solutions within a skiing area. They are used on exercise slopes as well as in transfer and return lifts. 

The advantages of the Sunkid metal foundation for small ski lifts: 

  • Relatively quick installation
  • The metal foundation can be used mobile and is reusable
  • When the metal foundation is not needed, it can be taken apart into its components -> simple handling
  • No heavy truck or helicopter needed for transport to the installation site within the skiing region thanks to modular build.
  • The lift can be easily set up elsewhere.
  • The terrain can be restored without any irreversible damage after the metal foundation is removed again.

Removal of the foundation will not destroy any reinforced concrete or require any time-consuming and costly disposal


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