21006 Interactive cubes

17 x 17 x 17 cm

4-piece cube set with hand grips
Ideal for warm-up exercises, to tell stories and for games of dice

The Five&Lines dice set is a "must have" for any skiing school.
The dice set can be used for a funny warm-up at the start of every unit of the skiing course. A different exercise will be suggested by each side of the dice based on the number rolled, making the "boring" warm-up a lot more entertaining.
During the course, the dice set can be used for slalom skiing, held between the knees or gripped by the carrying handles for group exercises.
In the breaks, children can sit on the dice, play board games with real people and use them for many other activities.

The dice have one side marked as a "Joker" that allows users to choose what will happen when it is rolled.
The pips and pictures of the dice sets offer new opportunities for every use, making it easier for instructors to run their skiing course.
In particular colleagues who are only temporary skiing instructors like to use the dice set as a helping tool.
Experience shows that pupils and teachers are equally enthusiastic!

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