SUNKID: The Mountain Coaster Has Arrived

The news that Sunkid would add the Brandauer Mountain Coaster to the Sunkid family in mid-January brought about a great international response. The prime season is slowly but steadily nearing its end, and it’s time for a first summary.

“We knew that the Mountain Coaster would perfectly fit our range and have a great potential for us. The result after our first season clearly surpassed expectations,” says Sunkid CEO Emanuel Wohlfarter. Sunkid was able to implement as many as 7 projects in only 8 months and leave a clear mark on the market. The year’s largest project was the Jahorina Mountain Coaster, opened just a few weeks ago. It comes with many technical treats along a route exceeding 2.5 kilometres in total. Visitor numbers at the Jahorina Olympic Center soared. “We’re confident in the next year's developments as well. We will continually expand the Mountain Coaster further in addition to handling our individual projects,” Wohlfarter summarises. 


Over sticks and stones with the Jahorina Mountain Coaster

The Jahorina mountain region is located just 30 km away from Sarajevo. The region was the focus area of the women's alpine skiing competitions in the Olympic Games of 1984 and has since developed into an up-and-coming tourist destination. It still sports dense forests and nature that is nearly untouched, creating a feeling of untapped beauty. The Jahorina Mountain Coaster has been built to fit harmoniously into this idyllic site. Opened in August 2019, it has offered a special experience to many visitors since.

The adventure begins at the valley station, located in the proximity of several new hotels and inns, from where a chair lift takes groups of six up to the summit, across meadows and forested areas. The unique ride down a 2.5 km long monorail system route begins just a stone's throw away from the mountain station with the adjacent water reservoir at a height of 1,900 m. Riders merely need to get into the coaster's toboggan to set out on a rapid exploration run through the diverse landscape. After passing the first mountain meadows, steep curves take them into the first forest section, where jumps add a highlight to the ride. A brief sojourn back into the meadow comes with a high-speed curve for a special thrill. Across a bridge, the rapid path leads back into the forest, through trees left to grow along the edge of the course to bring the riders into close contact with nature and intensify the ride. Then the track leaves the forest and merges into its last stretch with a special route design to drive up adrenalin levels once more. With the finish line already in sight, particularly wide curves and the track-end brake at the end of the route finally gently end an impressive race. Photo points integrated into the course record special moments to provide photographic memories of an impressive experience.


Fact Box

Starting point: 1.900 m

Height difference: 332 m

Track length: 2.300 m

Approximate run duration: 5 min

Realisation within: 15 weeks


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