A new wood-ball track at the Kristberg in the Silbertal

Once, shiny silver was mined here. Today, a unique experience offer makes children's eyes shine with joy instead

Once, miners brought out the shining precious metal at the Montafoner Kristberg in the Silbertal, ensuring the region's wealth. Today, several centuries later, a shine has returned to the Kristberg. Shining children's eyes bear witness of the truly special offer on the Genussberg, run by managing director Jürgen Zudrell and his team, for young guests and their families.

The Silbis Knappen Club offers children exciting hikes along the silver path with its interactive playing stations, a silver playing world spanning more than 1,000 m² and many other highlights.       

Therefore, Sunkid was particularly happy to be allowed to help design such a loving and sophisticated holiday and local recreation destination in this project. With the wood-ball track that was newly added this year, the young silver miners may look forward to another special highlight at the Kristberg.

Learn more about the Kristberg: here


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