Sky Loop

Spectacular looping drive at airy heights

With the Sky Loop, the Sunkid technicians developed a ride with a special thrill factor. Up to four people sit in the units coming from the platform. The safety brackets lower down slowly to secure the passengers… and off they go. The outrigger swings out of the platform. During this movement, the seating beam slowly starts to turn by 360° forward or backward as desired. The pulse starts to race, and as soon as the passengers see the ground below them while hanging upside-down, adrenalin will rush through their bodies unrestricted!

 A Ride for many locations! 

The Sunkid Sky Loop can be used wherever the platform can be attached and permits safe access of the passengers. That can be done on the terrace of a skyscraper, on the top end of a tower, on cruise ships or from a rock wall. The options are barely limited, thanks to the compact sizes. 

The first Sky Loop was installed this year at the tip of the Blume Event Tower, where operators Marvin and Carmen Blume offer their visitors the option of experiencing this attraction at an altitude of nearly 20 metres. The Sky Loop offers the highest entrance to any ride in Europe. 


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