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The – height-adjustable – Sunkid small skiing lifts meet many functions within a skiing area. In the children's skiing world, at the beginners' slope or as a connecting lift – there's no way past it!

The small skiing lifts by Sunkid work unobtrusively but at greatest efficiency. Their compact build permits relatively quick installation. They can be removed easily during the summer months if necessary. Only the concrete foundations, or alternatively the mobile steel foundation will be left behind. While the Comfort Star and Pino Cord are classical rope lifts  with low routing, the Mega Comfort Star (bracket lift) and Swiss Cord (rope lift) have another benefit that is of special interest for operators: these two have a motor-powered height adjustment that can be raised until grooming devices can pass through below the rope route. This makes it possible to prepare the lift route in just a few minutes and causes just a fraction of the costs for man and machines.

Overview of the small skiing lifts by Sunkid:

Mega Comfort Star

The Mega Comfort Star is smoothly adjustable in height up to 5 metres and will take skiers and snowboarders of any age at a gradient of up to 40%(!). Its comfort disc bracket permits concurrent transport of tall and short winter athletes without losing any comfort. 

Comfort Star

The Comfort Star is identical to the Comfort Star in its specifications, but lacks the height adjustment. However, it is optionally available with the moderate "Large Sled" height adjustment with up to 2.8 metres 


The SwissCord is used as a beginners' practice lift and connection lift, access and return lift alike. It is characterised by a vertical rope return (extra safety) with a motor-powered height adjustment up to 2.8 m.

NEW: The SwissCord can also be operated without direct supervision! 


The PinoCord is a small skiing lift with low rope guidance that is used as a downstream stage of the conveyor belt, just like the Comfort Star. Its benefits are most evident at a small gradient or a relatively short lift section. 

Learn more about the complete program of small Sunkid skiing lifts here…


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