Sunkid creates a world of experience around water

The company from Tyrol implements the LEADER project "Making the bathing lake Mieming more attractive" in turn-key condition

Its location and breath-taking panorama make the bathing lake Mieming (AUT) one of the most beautiful natural bating lakes in Tyrol. For its 30th anniversary, great investments in its infrastructure were made this year, with financial support of the EU (LEADER project *), the TVB Innsbruck and its holiday villages, as well as the municipality of Mieming, in order to add contemporary attraction to the entire area for its many thousand visitors.

Bathing lake supervisor and vice mayor Martin Kapeller is happy about how the new playing and sports equipment is accepted by the visitors. "We don't have to explain how it works to anyone. Our young regular guests consider the new installations at the bathing lake to be self-explanatory."
"The installation that stands out most surely is the carp-shaped fish with its height of 7.5 metres and length of 12 metres. Even from a distance, it suggests that this bathing lake offers more than is usual," the bathing lake's manager Manfred Krug adds.
In order to meet their expectations, Sunkid managed the development of an individual concept in order to not only provide an attractive offer for families with children of varying ages, but also playfully convey knowledge about nature.
The re-designed area with its large sunbathing range comprises four sections, starting with the toddlers' bay with its semi-circular bridge and a sand construction site, and continuing with the fish-adventure playground with the wood carp mentioned above as a widely visible landmark.

"It contains climbing facilities, slides and swings. You can play hide-and-seek in it or simply go find new friends," Sunkid's CEO, Emanuel Wohlfarter, explains the many options concealed in the playing equipment that weighs four tons(!). 
The newly installed 27-metre-long and 5-metre-high adventure bridge not only serves as a connection to the southern bank, but also as an "action area" with a jumping board, water slide and climbing wall.
Anyone who prefers a more sedate pace can find a Kneipp station with a wading and stepping pool a little distance away, surrounded by a barefoot path.



Overview of the project "Making the Mieming bathing lake more attractive":

Sunkid and its partner Almholz were responsible for all processing tasks in the project "Making the Mieming bathing lake more attractive". Everything from design to planning and production, to installation, authority acceptance and handover was delivered "from a single source".

  • Funded with EU subsidies (LEADER project), TVB Innsbruck and its holiday villages and the Mieming municipality
  • Short term to implementation
    • Only 17 months lay between the invitation for tender and opening
    • Start of the invitation for tender at the end of 2016
    • Contract awarded in Mid-2017 with subsequent detailed plans
    • Installations commenced in late autumn of 2017

Acceptance and official opening at Pentecost in May 2018

 © Knut Kuckel / Sunkid

*LEADER (Liaison entre Actions de Développement de l’Economie Rural) is a measures program of the EU. Roughly translated, it means "industry-comprehensive initiatives for the development of rural regions". One of the basic strategies of LEADER is that the promoted projects must be transferable. This means that a project not only needs to be innovative, but also has to be transferable to other organisations and regions in order to qualify for promotion. One official goal is publication of the project results in order to stimulate initiatives in other regions as well.

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