Sunkid Mountain Planet Trade Fair Highlights

This year's Sunkid stand (395) at Mountain Planet from 18 – 20 April 2018 in Grenoble wear an entirely new dress. Sunkid is presenting its new offers at a larger scope and with a more modern display than before.

The trade-fair highlight is the conveyor belt in its innovative design with integrated handrail.

The conveyor belt with motorised handrail opens up entirely new usage options

After more than twenty years of continuous further development, Sunkid – the global market leader in the area of person conveyor belts with more than 3,400 installed units – has successfully taken the next big evolutionary step. The Sunkid conveyor belt is now the first outdoor conveyor belt in the world to have an integrated and speed-controlled handrail.

The very first conveyor belt with motorised handrail was installed in a spectacular environment: In the world's largest skiing hall (Wanda Harbin Mall / CHN), two 150-metre-long conveyor belts with a maximum inclination of 27.5% move thousands of skiers every day.
Conveyor Belt…

The small skiing lift SwissCord can be operated without direct supervision

It is possible for the first time in France to operate the height-adjustable SwissCord rope lift without direct supervision as well. Come to the Sunkid stand to learn about the options that this innovation may add to your skiing area.

Traceboarding celebrates its premiere in France

The interactive Fun Ride combines speed, reaction and competition in a rapid run just a few centimetres above the ground. After several years of development work and extensive target-group tests, traceboarding will celebrate its French premiere at the upcoming Mountain Planet.

Wood’n’Fun: Interactive wood snow groomer and wood-ball track 

Sunkid already commanded great interest at Interalpin with the large-scale wood fish last year. Attention is bound to increase even more this year: Sunkid is going to present a special highlight at its stand with an interactive snow groomer made of wood. Another spectacular offer is the wood-ball track installed along the conveyor belt. It will be presented to the French specialist audience for the first time as well.

Xraycer: The new addition to our offer for mountain railways, cabin operators and outdoor pros
The new mountain summer trend is presented in France for the first time: the Xraycer.
Read more about what precisely the Xraycer is and what the pilot customers have to say about it …

Summer tubing – the classic
Last, but not least, let us tell you about the various summer tubing options. Any route is possible, and the EVO tubes can be given customised designs.
Learn more about it here….


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