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Sunkid Summer World

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The Sunkid Summer World has inspired people around the world for years. It doesn’t matter whether a single piece or a comprehensive, customised playing world is set up: there are no limits to the wishes and ideas of customers and their guests that can be put into practice. Sunkid develops tailor-made offers and themes for memorable experiences adjusted to the situation on site, the target group at hand, and the customer’s corporate identity.

The Sunkid Summer World comprises multiple products:

1.    Wood’n’Fun

The Wood’n’Fun product world comprises, among other things, wooden ball tracks, experience towers, unique playing equipment, and even photo points. No matter whether the product is set up as a single highlight or integrated into a larger facility, the entire Wood’n’Fun world not only offers play, fun, and adventure, but also adds to turnover!

Sunkid and its long-term partner, wood construction specialist Almholz, put great stock in developing sustainable solutions and products that can be optimally integrated into the landscape. As a result, all Wood’n’Fun products are made of mountain larch wood of the best quality only. No chemical wood preservatives are applied! Constructional wood protection and choice of the right raw materials ensure long service lives while producing perfectly environmentally compatible products for children.

2.    Moving Carpet

The Sunkid Moving Carpet can be used in summer as well as in winter. It stands out with its easy setup and removal, weather- and dirt-resilience.

It is used in beginners’ bike parks, as well as in those for advanced cyclists, for tubing runs, and dry slopes. After all, the Moving Carpet is an ideal climbing aid to return visitors to the attraction’s starting point, among other places in bike and summer tubing parks. Where children enjoy their first experience on skis in winter, young bikers can try out the trails for the first time and tubers race to best each other’s records in summer.

3.    Sunny Stuff

The products from the Sunny Stuff series have become a fixed part of skiing lessons and in children’s skiing areas. These Sunkid products can be used in summer as well, turning the ascent by Moving Carpet or the downhill race on the bike or tube even more exciting and diverse for children by placing Sunny Stuff figures along the route. The various elements inspire children to learn playfully while adding a fun factor.

4.    Mountain Coaster

The Mountain Coaster’s trademark is its unique monorail system that not only offers memorable riding dynamics, but also is particularly cost-efficient and easy to install thanks to its sophisticated build. If necessary, it can be removed again quickly after the summer season ends, too.

The low weight of the toboggans permits simple mountain transport, perfectly utilising the existing infrastructure (T-bar, chair, or gondola lifts) and clearly reducing construction costs.

Another advantage of the Mountain Coaster over other systems is the particularly sustainable and environmentally compatible construction and maintenance of the entire facility. The route for the Sunkid summer toboggan run is customised to the situation on site and the customer’s wishes.

The different route elements, themed additions, and lighting are essential for creating a unique and memorable experience.

5.    Dry Slopes

Dry Slopes permit winter sports year-round even where there is no snow at all. The NP30- and NP50-mats in particular carry winter sports over into summer.

NP30 allows the use of skiing equipment even in summer. The special plastic mats realistically reproduce the properties of snow. This kind of skiing slope is entirely independent of the weather and does not even require any special preparation of the ground or irrigation systems.

NP50 has been developed to permit cross-country skiing year-round, no matter if the classical way or by skating. The special gliding properties and particular material composition of these mats offer the same skiing feel that can be found on natural cross-country ski trails.

6.    Tubing

The fun sport of tubing has been growing in popularity around the world in the last few years.

Summer tubing has guests sliding down the Dry Slope with a lateral guide speedily and safely on regular hard-bottomed snow tubes. The tubing track is very quick and easy to set up right on the ground and requires no special foundations.

The Rotondo finds ideal use in summer tubing as well. Tubes are attached to its arms – et voilà, a high-quality roundabout with adjustable speed is born.

Of course, the tubes and Rotondo can be customised in their design. Sunkid will gladly help you find ideas for this.

7.    Family Rides

The Sunkid Family Rides have been loved by children and adults around the world for more than four decades. The Family Rides’ trademark is their easy operation, usually possible without any supervision at all. They have small footprints and offer great interactivity at maximised riding fun.

The Sunkid Family Rides come in a great product range that comprises a Tower, Skydive and Skydive XL, Sundancer, Nautic Jet, Butterfly, Biga Coaster, Loopster, and Luna Loop. A new ride is due to be added this year as well – stay tuned!

Far from only being used in amusement parks, these rides can also be found in various excursion destinations on the mountain or in the valley. The Tower, Loopster, Sky Dive, and Nautic Jet in particular inspire great enthusiasm in Alpine summer tourism.


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