Five steps to your individual Kiddy Slope!
& delivered before Christmas

Custom figures and themed skiing slopes are a mega trend this season. Using the example of Les Contamines, we explain how a customised Kiddy Slope can be built within just a few weeks, guaranteed to be ready for delivery in time before Christmas!

The Les Contamines skiing area is situated in the middle of the Savoy Alps, at the Western base of majestic Mont Blanc. In order to offer a memorable experience in particular to the younger guests, its operators and Sunkid cooperated closely to develop a customised Kiddy Slope within a very short period. The skiing area wanted to base its design on the subject of squirrels.


Step 1: Sunkid develops 3 design concepts based on the chosen theme and suggests them to the customer. In parallel, the individual elements of the route will be coordinated to find a customised solution for the skiing area.

Step 2: The design decision has been made and the concept is being refined and transferred to figures and other route elements. Product management, design and marketing work hand in hand at Sunkid to ensure a speedy implementation.

Step 3: The customer receives a project folder with all figures and designs, along with an overview of the Kiddy Slope. Any necessary smaller corrections and additional customer wishes will be integrated into the project based on this.

Step 4: Upon the customer's approval, all data are sent directly to production, where the customised concept is turned into the finished "Squirrel Slope".

Step 5: The customer receives the custom-made Kiddy Slope in time before Christmas and can start the season with a new highlight


Photo credits: Les Contamines

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