The Conveyor Belt Picks up Speed in Summer as Well

Expand your offer for the mountain summer by summer tubing, Xraycer, Traceboarding or a miniature bike park, using the conveyor belt from the children's skiing world as a climbing aid

Sunkid's conveyor belt is subject to hard daily use by many of our customers during the winter season. In summer, however, many conveyor belts – and their potentials – remain unused. This can be changed! Use your existing infrastructure! Sunkid is continually offering new options, such as the tried-and-tested Summer tubing  on plastic mats, the revolutionary Xraycer  or the spectacular Traceboarding.
Conversion of the children's skiing world into a miniature bike park  is very trendy for the summer months and can continue to use the conveyor belt. One attraction can be easily combined with another one as well, in particular when there is enough space on both sides of the conveyor belt. The device has diverse uses and can be designed into a little adventure world. A conveyor belt unused in summer will then be a thing of the past forever.
If there is no way at all to use your conveyor belt in summer, you may treat it to a wood cover with integrated wood-ball track  that will practically pay itself off. 


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