26062 V-Fly

The V-Fly teaches children to ski around bends using their hands!

The first steps in the skiing course have been mastered. Pizza cuts with snow-V and V-assistant and bending the knees with the V-Ride were playfully learned by the children and gave them hope that they will soon be able to leave the children's skiing area. They need to learn something else though, before they can try out the large slopes of the skiing area as a young skier: Curves.

That is the moment when the V-Fly comes into play. The fascinating thing in this is that the children will find out the necessary motion to learn how to go around bends using their hands! Skiing teachers and skiing pupils each hold on to stiffly connected hand grips that are themed in the shape of an aeroplane. The skiing teacher now "steers" in the desired direction, skiing backwards, and the pupil will instinctively go "into their knees" on the side to which the skiing teacher pushes the V-Fly. This way, the skiing pupil will do the first curves of their own and feel the movement they need to complete this exercise successfully.
They will soon leave the children's skiing area and join the skiers on the big slope

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