Residents buy their own lift

The residents of the town of St. Gallen-Bruggen used crowdfunding to pay for their new Sunkid Comfort Star small skiing lift

There has been a skiing lift in St. Gallen-Bruggen for nearly 50 years. Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign of the residents' association Bruggen, the former, aged pony lift could be replaced by a new Sunkid Comfort Star now.

From the elementary school pupil to the ancient pensioner, from the traditional association to the adjacent engineering office and restaurant: everyone supported the project. "I have received only positive feedback," says Stevan Dronjak, responsible for the skiing lift project at the residents' association Bruggen. The offer of buying a bracket for the new lift and having your name put on it also came across very well in this campaign," he continues. "We managed to wake emotions and memories in the people who used the skiing lift in their youth as a result of this project.”

Preserving a tradition and opening it up for today's youth certainly was a reason to make a donation. Constant communication of the project was just as important. "We brought up the project as often as we could to encourage people to donate: with magazine articles, social media and in the scope of various celebrations. The ski lift also keeps our area attractive and gives teens something to do." Dronjak explains their commitment.

We at Sunkid rejoice with the residents of Bruggen about this successfully implemented initiative. We would like to use this example to show how deeply the "mayor's lift" is anchored in the hearts of the people


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