Wooden marble race Rosshütte

The latest attraction of the Bergbahnen Rosshütte makes children's hearts beat faster.

Finally finished, the new wooden marble race is now ready to be admired near the middle station of the Bergbahnen Rosshütte in the Olympic region of Seefeld. It spans 1,760 m, idyllically surrounded by the mountain meadows and forests of Seefeld and makes children's eyes widen with wonder. Buying one wooden marble is all it takes to enjoy unlimited fun. From the starting point, the ball will roll down the track past various obstacles. Cow bells, xylophones and an obstacle course add visual and acoustic highlights to the enjoyable game. The route down from the starting point is designed to allow players to observe their marbles precisely. Players race to find the fastest marble, which ensures special excitement. When it is time to go home, the marbles can come along as a memento. Users can bring them back for their next visit and reuse them, too.


Fotocredits: Photography Holzknecht

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